Data Archiving

By: Willow Starcom  03/01/2010
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Autonomy ZANTAZ: Data Archive. Knowledge mining, compliance regulations, and risk management are just a few of the primary reasons why companies archive information. The strategy for archiving this information has evolved from point solutions based on the source system and department to enterprise-level infrastructure. This shift is a result of internal cost and resource issues combining with external risk factors such as the changes to and enforcement of the FRCP rules regarding the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI). Implementing an enterprise-level data archive strategy has its own challenges – how to collect, consolidate, make available and ultimately destroy the content when it comes from multiple proprietary systems, in multiple languages and in hundreds of different content formats.

The Autonomy ZANTAZ consolidated archive is the first and only solution with the functionality, performance and scalability needed to achieve these objectives and to prepare the infrastructure for the next round of challenges. Like all Autonomy products, the Autonomy ZANTAZ consolidated archive benefits from the IDOL platform's scalability, connectivity and search and analytics technologies to provide an archive infrastructure capable of ingesting terabytes of new rich media and text content on a daily basis. The unique architecture of the IDOL platform ensures that the search, management and retrieval of content are as scalable and high performing as the archival process. Data storage, Data archive, NAS Storage

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