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By: Fitness Dynamics  10/02/2014
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Mixed Ability Pilates Mat-based Pilates is perfect if you need to tone up, flatten your abdominals, become more flexible, improve your posture, minimize sporting injuries, supplement your cardiovascular training, improve balance and core strength, increase mobility within your spine and other joints. Pilates is renowned as the celebrities' and athletes' way to look so good and perform so well! Each Pilates exercise and stretch is taught and demonstrated at a variety of levels to suit both the beginner through to advanced participants using resistance bands or small Pilates resistance balls to strengthen, lengthen and tone tight or weak muscles. This is a fun, relaxing, easy-to-follow session designed to tone your abdominals, strengthen your back, enhance your posture, reduce tension, control balance & increase flexibility too. There is a happy mix of standing and floor work exercises for all abilities and levels. Pilates Improves your Muscle Tone, Flexibility, Pelvic Floor & Core Strength, Balance, Mobility, Posture, Stress levels! Recommended for Athletes, Sports Injuries, Post Natal etc. "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body" - Joseph Pilates Simple techniques to help: Back Pain, RSI, Posture, Fatigue, Move Freely What is iMoveFreely®? iMoveFreely® treats and prevents injuries and pain using a program of simple exercises that have been designed by a world-leader in intrinsic biomechanics. It's a cutting edge program that athletes and large corporations have had access to for a few years. iMoveFreely techniques are incorporated into the Pilates classes as an additional complementary way to improve posture, decrease back pain, improve movement performance etc. When in a group situation everyone learns the same releases and stretches (unless inappropriate for the participant), the appropriate techniques can then be practiced at home. When taught in a one to one situation the exercises are tailored to each person's injuries or ability to move. We work these out by asking you to do some movements, assess these movements and then decide on the best exercises to help you. Injured areas are avoided, and other areas/muscles that may be inhibited/in spasm are treated to create a release in the area that may be affecting the injured/painful area. You are recommended to do the exercises every day for a few weeks and after this time, if your problem is of a biomechanical nature, there will be an improvement in mobility or a reduction in pain. It's that easy! Dynamic Pilates Take my mat based Pilates class, add a dynamic element and the result is my new Dynamic Pilates class. A fusion of Pilates, elements of yoga and targeted resistance training to uplifting music, including standing poses and exercises, floor work and stretching. This class will help to increase mobility, strengthen your core muscles, improve your muscle tone, balance, flexibility and all round functional fitness, whilst helping you to relax and de-stress. During the class, you'll be introduced to the techniques and exercises that underpin a traditional Pilates program, with the focus on correct activation of the core muscles and breathing. A rejuvenating workout that incorporates a continual flow of movement from one technique to the next, so that we will fit more exercises into the session. If you're a beginner, or recovering from injury, you will start by building up your core strength and flexibility, taking rests as required, so that as you progress, you will find the experience easier and more enjoyable, and the workout more effective.

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