Professional Witnesses, Remote Surveillance, Covert CCTV

Professional Witnesses, Remote Surveillance, Covert CCTV from JUNO GROUP

By: JUNO GROUP  11/08/2009
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At Juno we take every unique case as it comes and we employ a “one size does not fit all” policy.  In each case we will work face to face with you to identify the problem areas and work out a tailored solution to allow us to report the facts back to you.


We believe in keeping things simple for you by delivering our reports on time and by ensuring you are only troubled with relevant intelligence.  At the end of the operation we will provide a full evidential trail that in all cases can be used in a court of law, employment tribunal or in disciplinary hearings if required.    


Not only are all our methods of surveillance designed to go under the radar of your staff, but in addition to this our correspondence and invoicing will be handled in a way that provides a smokescreen to all employees and finance departments, ensuring the operation is not compromised in any way.  Precise details of this will be arranged once a works schedule is in place.

Strictly Confidential

We will deal with you, only you and nobody else unless given precise authority by you.  We will not discuss your case with anybody else and a Non Disclosure Agreement will be in place from our first contact.  We are happy to arrange this with your legal team if required at your earliest convenience.


At Juno we employ two main tactics to resolve Clients issues:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Professional Witness (undercover employee)

Either or both of these methods may be required.  This will be determined and aligned with your objectives and your budget.

Covert Surveillance (Hidden recording equipment)

Juno has the ability to provide clients with various levels of covert surveillance installations, both static and mobile, ensuring a thorough strategy of information gathering.  Where surveillance technology is used our clients can be assured that every angle of their issue will be covered and documented with logs/ transcripts and statements/ reports if required. 

Due to the advanced features of Juno’s surveillance installations they can be placed into almost any environment, including offices, warehouses, and vehicles and will be expertly integrated into everyday features.  This means they can go undiscovered until they capture enough evidence to act on the issue.

Professional Witnesses (Workplace infiltration)

Juno can infiltrate the workplace at any level, and gain information that clients are unable to obtain themselves, whilst ensuring a more effective use of time and expense in the process.  Having Juno operatives at the appropriate level, core to the issue, ensures that the true nature of the concern is reflected and observed, allowing necessary action to be taken.  Intelligence is fed back to clients on a daily basis using comprehensive formal reports, in addition to either weekly / monthly meetings with the client.  Juno will also present the resulting evidence at employment tribunals, criminal courts or disciplinary hearings if required; giving clients guaranteed support throughout the entire process.

Mystery Shopper

Juno also offers a professional mystery shopper service to Clients wishing to identify bogus suppliers and dealers of counterfeit goods.  Counterfeiting is big business and it is estimated the cost to industry in the UK is £150 million pounds a year and rising.

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