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Rigid Bag Filters from Westbury Filtermation Ltd

By: Westbury Filtermation Ltd  02/07/2009


The RP Rigid Bag Filter has been manufactured with gas turbine and HVAC applications in mind. Specific features of the product include:

  • Incinerable halogen free recycled polystrol frame
  • Contains 18m of Glass-fibre paper (full size model)
  • Nominal flow 4250m/hr Max: 5000 m
  • High bursting pressure  >1500Pa
  • F6 - F9 efficiencies
  • Robust construction
  • Multi-directional airflow potential

RG Rigid Bag Filter is a cartridge type intermediate  filter, the full sized unit containing 18 square metres of media in the form of eight individual slabs of mini-pleated glass-fibre paper. The filter media packs are sealed in to a rigid frame manufactured from halogen free recycled 100% polystyrol. The final pleated filter is extremely durable with high compressive strength in both airflow directions.

The RG Rigid Bag exhibits low initial resistance characteristics resulting in long service life when compared with other types of air filtration. The product has been tested to a burst strength of >1500 Pa. This overall robust construction also ensures longevity and stability throughout the it’s service life..

This product is suitable for all types of applications where a constant high efficiency allied with a low resistance is required.


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