Air Filters

Air Filters from Westbury Filtermation Ltd

By: Westbury Filtermation Ltd  08/09/2010

We Manufacture
Panel filters; pleated, synthetic and glass fibre in 12mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm thicknesses G2 – F8 grade.
Bag filters, G3 – F9 grade.
Fan coil filters.
Automatic Roll Filter refill,
Galvanised steel headers & components for bag filters.  
We stock & supply
Galvanized & Stainless Steel mesh Grease filters & Baffle filters in Stainless Steel. 
HEPA filters  
Rigid pocket bag filters  
Carbon filters, Carbon bag filters, Pleated Carbon Panels, Bonded Carbon Panels, Discarb Cells, Loosefill Panels & Cylinders.
Filter Cartridges & Bags for Compressors, Engines, Dust Extraction systems & Silos
Accessories that include:
Filter Clips & Frames, Fan belts, Pulleys etc., Differential Pressure gauges – Analogue & Liquid filled, facemasks, ear defenders, Hand Gel & Industrial wipes.Bulk filter materials & components.  We can source any type of filter product, whether it be for air or water

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