Chlorine Analyser - CRIUS 3500

Chlorine Analyser - CRIUS 3500 from Process Instruments Uk

By: Process Instruments Uk  06/10/2010
Keywords: water treatment, Instrumentation, process instruments

 In addition to the state of the art potentiostatic chrono-amperometric sensors the CRIUS 3500 chlorine analyser offers a variety of communication protocols including Modbus over TCP/IP, modbus over RS485 and serial USB data download, SMS texting, remote access over the internet Relays and 4-20mA outputs. Despite all of the additional functionality that this unit has to offer, the purchase costs are less than or comparable to, its competitors. Added to the cost savings of a truly automatic (no operator present), calibration system (optional) some will achieve a replacement payback of only a few months. Also available are Dual and Triple Validation options, pH correction and PID control functions.

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