Sourcing quality new football & rugby equipment in the UK does not have to cost the earth!

Sourcing quality new football & rugby equipment in the UK does not have to cost the earth! from Scorpion Sports

By: Scorpion Sports  13/02/2009
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Difficult times. You know that and…I know that. Love your sport? I certainly do. I am sure that you do too. That’s probably why you are even bothering to read this!

Coaching rugby (or football…or cricket etc) is not easy nowadays. It doesn't help when you look at some of the extortionate prices being charged by sports suppliers for quality rugby equipment and sporting goods. That's where the Internet can help. So many sports clubs and sports coaches have benefited from a little effort and time and reaped the rewards. Sourcing the right quality at the right price IS possible. As sports coaches, we all want our rugby players to be the best they can be. To aid this, we acknowledge that quality rugby equipment; protective gear, rugby balls etc are all essential and conducive to improving our rugby players and their skills and attributes. We also know that rugby equipment can be very expensive and you can pay over £40 for a quality matchball alone. Doesn't help when your rugby club is run on a tight budget.

However, conduct a little research and you may be pleasantly surprised...even shocked. There are sports and rugby equipment manufacturers out there in the UK, who offer the same (and sometimes better!) levels of top quality but at a quarter of the price! It is just about knowing where to look and source rugby products. Rugby balls, Training balls, match balls, kicking tees, tackle suits, ball sacks, sports accessories etc etc...the list is endless. ALL can be obtained at palatable prices if you know where to shop and where to purchase your sports goods.

Try the search engines. 'Googling' Rugby Equipment Manufacturers UK or 'Sports Equipment Wholesale UK' or 'Rugby balls UK' or, quite frankly, any search terms you want to. Source some decent wholesale distributors of rugby equipment and you have won half the battle. Contact them via their website if they have one (any reputable manufacturer or wholesaler will have a website, in my opinion) or telephone their Customer Services. Obtain quotations from them and then sit down and compare some of the prices you have been given. A word of caution at this juncture. Ensure that quotations are for similar quality rugby equipment etc. If it is training balls you are looking at, ask for the exact specifications of the rugby balls. Ask if they make them in all the sizes you require. Are they official sizes and weights? What discounts are available for bulk purchases? Ask about delivery schedules and payment options. Gather as much information as you can. Once you have decided upon a Sports Supplier, see if you can buy direct from them or if they have any authorised dealers or stockists.

This may all sound like a lot of effort, but it can be spread over a couple of days or so and should only take an hour (or two maximum) before you have saved yourself (and probably your rugby club, school, sports team etc) quite a bit of money!

Good luck and enjoy your sport!


About Author: David Teacher coaches rugby and cricket and also works for Scorpion Sports UK Limited; Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors of Football, Cricket and Rugby Equipment throughout the UK and Europe. Scorpion Sports supply to schools, retailers, sports shops, online web sellers and large sports clubs.

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