Green Generation Turf = Green fields made by GreenFields

Green Generation Turf = Green fields made by GreenFields from Greenfields (Sports Surfaces) UK Ltd

By: Greenfields (Sports Surfaces) UK Ltd  25/11/2009
Keywords: artificial grass, Artificial Turf, synthetic turf

Genemuiden – GreenFields is known for its innovative mindset and pioneering spirit. With a tradition of commitment to the design and development of sustainable synthetic turf systems, GreenFields launches the next generation of synthetic turf which is 100% recyclable - Green Generation Turf.

Sustainability does not only mean reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources, carbon dioxide emissions, as well as waste and wastewater. For GreenFields it is a drive to be more efficient – from product decisions and manufacturing facilities to the value chain – and to develop products today that can be recycled and eventually reused tomorrow.

According to the cradle to cradle principal, GreenFields developed the new Green Generation Turf. Based upon a new patented weaving technique in combination with environmentally safe and healthy materials, this new synthetic turf design guarantees material reutilization. The patented manufacturing process makes it possible to use the materials from the same product family; that is polypropylene and polyethylene. As a consequence the components of synthetic turf, the backing as well as the fibres can be made of the same environmentally friendly material making synthetic turf 100% recyclable.

Besides the required technical standards, this patented weaving technique offers many additional advantages compared to the conventional method of producing synthetic turf:
• a higher density up to 75.000 dTex
• an enhanced tuft binding due to a triple “W-weaving” technique
• the combination of six different fibre types and various fibre heights in one system (natural look and feel)
• better playing characteristics
•Less infill material necessary

Hugo de Vries, CEO, said: “If we are honest, we all would have to conclude that nothing really changed since the introduction of synthetic turf. The 3rd and even a possible 4th generation are simply a redesign, a better version of course, but definitely not a revolution. We firmly believe that the next generation must give an answer to a new equilibrium; a balance between sportive demands and ecological and social necessities. Based upon our principle “Innovation inspired by nature” we have put a lot of effort, time and investment in finding sustainable solutions. We see the introduction of this first Green Generation Turf as a natural evolution of synthetic turf.”

The Green Generation is produced at GreenFields’ new manufacturing facility in Genemuiden, The Netherlands. With a total surface of 24.000 m2, GreenFields realized its vision on how synthetic turf should be produced and set a new industry standard by establishing a perfect balance between modernisation and a clean production. GreenFields is systematically improving its environmental production performance by controlling the resource consumption as efficiently as possible. These new implemented technologies have tangible benefits for the environment; energy and water consumption, carbon dioxide emissions as well as reducing waste and wastewater.

Keywords: artificial grass, Artificial Turf, synthetic grass, synthetic turf

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