Sitemaster Building v5.0 Just Launched with additional features.

Sitemaster Building v5.0 Just Launched with additional features. from Mobile Cad Surveying

By: Mobile Cad Surveying  08/01/2011
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Sitemaster Building v5.0 Just Launched with additional features.

just launched with additional features
, the successor of the corresponding SiteMaster Building 4.1 offers users new features:
•   Support of the Windows 7 operating system
•   Support of the Leica Disto D8 and D3A BT laser distance meters
•   New Room Depth option….When creating door openings, you can not only measure the lengths of the wall right-hand and left-hand to the opening in the next room but also in one operation the depth of the room. Thus, the shape of a rectangular room can be generated immediately in the drawing. This will vastly speed up production of lower tolerance drawings…EPC for instance.
•   New Building Services Library….The Symbols area of the program now additionally provides a Library for Building Services which allows you to insert blocks for electrical power supplies, water supplies, and equipment such as boilers or extractors, into your floor plans.
•   New Dimensioned Symbols command… the Symbols area lets you now add a dimension line with a Symbol on it. You can quickly add to your site measurement plans, measured from one end point of a wall in the classic SiteMaster style. This feature is intended to be used especially to collect building services information (for example for kitchen planning), but basically can be used with any other symbol of the built-in or customized symbol library.
•   Door and Windows can now be placed into any wall. These can be openings which cover the entire length of a wall (in fact replacing the wall), or openings which have zero distance at one end of a wall.
•   The WIDTH attribute of door and window openings with retainer always gets the smallest (clear) distance of the opening.

Sitemaster Building software just gets better and better and now saves even more of your valuable time in producing drawings in real time, on site, with NO errors and NO return visits to site.

Survey Methodology

Surveys are conducted using a hand-held Laser Measure (Leica Disto A6 and the new and or Hilti PD38) coupled via ‘Bluetooth’ technology to a hand-held microcomputer (Samsung Q1 ULTRA,   or the latest HTC Flint XDA).  

This approach, which produces the CAD drawing during the survey process, allows us to establish and accurately check all building dimensions while on site. Significant improvements in survey quality are gained using this equipment when compared with traditional survey methods. A precision of ± 5mm over 100 metres is achievable with this equipment - giving a normal working accuracy of ± 25mm between any two points after building tolerances have been taken into account.

Significant improvements in survey quality are gained using this equipment when compared with traditional survey methods. Gone are the days where two men would hold a sagging tape measure from one end of the room to the other, that old method is history!

There are NO more return visits to site due to blunt pencils and inaccurate paper documentation, NO guesswork, NO wrong data documentation NO sagging tape measures.

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Coming soon! Sitemaster Building v6 – the next Generation of SiteMaster Optimized for Building Information Modelling (BIM)  Combines Mobile Deployment, 3D Building Measurement and Object Modelling into a Single Solution using the Core Engine for AutoCAD Compatibility.

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