Bulldogz Gym Blackpools Premier Bodybuilding Gym

Bulldogz Gym Blackpools Premier Bodybuilding Gym from Bulldogz Gym

By: Bulldogz Gym  18/10/2009
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Bulldogz Gym has carefully selected weight training machinery to target specific muscle groups. Each muscle group can be conveniently trained from a wide range of different angles and motions for maximum effects and benefit. This means a well balanced, proportioned physique can be created. Depending on personal preference, the equipment is used for muscle building or toning. For traditional training techniques, free weights and benches are available to use alongside the machines synergistically

Ever had this?  you go to the local Gym, determined to give your chest a good work out, and your waiting for the bench press, you turn away for a minute and somebody else leaps on it and proceeds to take what feels like an hour to to push 3 sets out??. It's not actually his fault. The fact is your gym should have more than one bench press and other machines to work your body hard. If somebody wants to waste his evening pretending to work out ... fine, that's his problem but at Bulldogz Gym this doesn’t happen because there are over 10 ways to work your chest. We have 2 of nearly everything and more free weights than most Gyms. There are so many machines you can't fail to get on the one you want, when you want it. And you won’t be hampered by lack of space either.


The gym is situated on the first floor, there is the reception area when you enter the gym. It is complete with a seating area and Supplements Bar which sells a range of protein shakes, protein bars, and other drinks including Bottled Water and Lucozades. Also available is a selection of gym accessories. The reception area leads on to the gym area with a full range of free weights and machines for the chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps areas, also there are machines that focus on the leg, back and biceps area with free weights and resistance machines. There is a large selection of machines available here ranging from power joggers, cross trainers, bikes and rowing machines.The atmosphere is warm and friendly attracting members from all walks of life in and around . Expert advice is available on all aspects of training, diet and nutrition. Bulldogz Gym’s top quality modern equipment, including a variety of cardio machines, is customised to suit all types of physical fitness and muscular development from beginners to competitive athletes.

The Gym is mirrored throughout to ensure each exercise is performed correctly and effectively. Toilets are available on the premises for members. Usual sports training attire is worn in the gym for training purposes. Staff are available to demonstrate correct use of the equipment. Training advice is available for first timers to more the more advanced trainers. General nutritional advice can be given on request. The gym is well maintained and carpeted with a rubber matted area for the free weights and benches. The atmosphere is friendly with clientele from all walks of life.



Bulldogz Gym knows better than anyone that when your hungry, your body needs high quality foods and products to help your body pack on muscle and size.

You need protein to help build muscles back strong and dense. That's why Bulldogz Gym offers the finest Protein Shakes, Bars, and energy drinks. All your favourite flavours are available: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate.

We have all the products you need to help you get that extra rep or run that extra mile .. including Protein Bars, Shakes, Vitamins, Energy Drinks, we'll have you big and strong in no time.


There is ample parking outside the gym in addition to unlimited on street parking.

Sound Good? Call in any time for a look round, and see what you've been missing.

Ps. our membership deals will be a lot less than your paying too...check us out.

Website bulldogzgym.co.uk           Mobile: 07594 435436

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