By: Mindsolutionsuk  16/09/2014
Keywords: Stress Counselling, Panic Attacks, Counselling And Psychotherapy

I believe that all man made problems have a solution and I have over 20 years exp with a varied range of problems including anger management, stress, relationship problems, emotional problems, issues around confidence, bereavement and loss, anxiety/panic, abuse issues or the effects of money worries, family problems.etc. There is no problem that cannot be solved!!!!! I am an Integrative therapist, that is to say I integrate different therapies into one therapeutic plan, each plan is specific to the clients individual needs and issues. This process has helped many clients over the years to resolve their problems in a shorter timescale. If you are suffering from any of the above problems / issues call today and in a short period of time you could be moving on from your past to a happier future. After all isn't that what we are all searching for !!!! I look forward to speaking to you, and don't forget to ask about monthly special offers or go to for more info

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