TilePlans Industrial strength Flooring and Line marking tile system for busy Industry floors

TilePlans Industrial strength Flooring and Line marking tile system for busy Industry floors from TilePlans Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles

By: TilePlans Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles   24/10/2008
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“We looked at all other tile systems and yours is by far the best PVC industrial flooring available -absolutely great result .Fully recommended. Everyone who has seen it is very impressed with the difference. Thanks so much for your help”.  Bob Irons, Noel Tatt Group, Canterbury January 2009"

TilePlans Industrial Floors:

Wherever health and safety is of major importance and hazardous areas need to be clearly marked, the time-honoured method of painting the floor brings with it several continuous headaches.
Paint tends to flake and lose its gloss over time – you must constantly repaint the floor lines and even repaint the whole floor time and time again.
 When? - When the line fades in places or when it’s hardly visible at all?
You might consult your health and safety manual or the fine print of countless pieces of legislation for the answer to Concrete floor Line Marking.
 Or you could invest in a modern, durable, attractive solution that is part of the floor, looks stunning and PERMANENT.

This is achieved with interlocking PVC floor tiles of contrasting colours to create the demarcation lines. The tiles interlock neatly and the colours are specified by the user.“Yellow contrasts well with dark green, blue and grey, even crimson”, says Mike Bimpson, head of International Marketing at TilePlans, a leading supplier of PVC interlocking floor tiling solutions.

“Many businesses like to choose the floor colours and satisfy health and safety criteria at the same time. A growing number of cost-conscious bosses are choosing to replace the regular maintenance of Concrete floor Line Marking using paints with the low maintenance solution of a tiled floor that clearly distinguishes areas such as workspace, walkways and hazardous areas. PVC Tiled floors are easy to maintain and cut out a lot of disruptive downtime”.“PVC floor tiles reduce vibration and sound, resist oil and chemicals and possess flame retardant qualities.

There are studded and plain varieties as well as an anti-static grade.“They have many applications and are proving popular with people who give high priority to health and safety. We can generally install them in less time than it takes for all but the fastest drying paints to dry.
 They are also very easy to replace, although that’s not been an issue yet because they are so sturdy and durable.”

One recent purchaser of TilePlans’ interlocking floor tiles is Bob Irons on behalf of greeting card publishers Noel Tatt Group, of Canterbury.Mr. Irons purchased the tiles because he wanted an industrial floor solution that ticked the right boxes, COST - SPEED – DURABILITY.
He said “Not only was the floor laid quickly without a break in production, it was also malleable to the contours of the old flooring whilst at the same time being easily cut yet robust enough for our pallet truck and forklift area traffic”

Newly launched TilePlans Logos tiles are transparent tiles which allow you to highlight your corporate logo or add in health and safety warning signs or even sales messages to your floor quickly and easily.
This range of floor accessories is ideal for organisations seeking a customized service in high-quality and attractive flooring tiles which can be installed quickly at a competitive price and which require no polishing or special treatments.

For those who want fast installation with the minimum of disruption, TilePlans provides a fully assured national fitting service with an 'out of hours' service if required. The same service is available for companies that move premises and want to re-use the interlocking tiles.

Businesses can fax their floor plans and sketches to TilePlans’ Floor Estimator
Fax Line on the number above or Email: [email protected]

and we will be happy to assist with your Floor line marking system requirements.

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Keywords: Commercial Flooring, Industrial Flooring, Industrial flooring mats, Industrial flooring systems, Industrial flooring tiles,

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