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Weather Watcher from Pactrol Solutions

By: Pactrol Solutions  08/09/2010
Keywords: Heating Controls


The Pactrol "Weather Watcher" automatically adjusts the amount of heat stored in an off-peak heating installation in response to changes in weather overnight. It can be used in conjunction with a suitable load-switching contactor to control storage radiators, fan assisted storage radiators, electricaire, or underfloor heating installations supplied with off-peak or white-meter electricity packages.

Convenience. . .

The single-knob control turns off-peak heating into "central" heating. You no longer need to manually adjust all your radiators, the Weather Watcher does it for you!

Comfort. . .

Because the Weather Watcher automatically adjusts the heat stored in response to changes in weather it maintains your chosen comfort-conditions. It can even give you a touch of warmth when you wake up in a summer cold-snap.

Economy. . .

By providing just the right amount of heat at the most economical time, to give maximum comfort at minimum cost. In most cases, this means a reduction in consumption and tests have shown that this can be as high as 30%.

Simplicity. . .

Just one model, to suit new or existing installations with storage radiators, electricaire, or floorwarming, using any of the off-peak or white-meter tariffs, including Economy 7. Compact, easily fitted by a qualified electrician within a few hours, and no need to redecorate afterwards. Maintenance-free electronics at a price you can afford!

The control is assembled on a printed circuit panel which slots into the attractive moulded housing and is retained by a snap-on cover plate on which the connection details are printed. The edge of the p.c. panel locates in the socket-base to connect with the wiring terminals. The electronic circuits are protected by a fuse and a surge-arrestor. The outdoor sensor is housed in a small moulded housing. The construction of both sensor and controller is double insulated, Class II, and the outdoor housing is weather-proof when the cable gland is fitted.


IP40 control housing, 100 x 95 x 63 mm. IP54 sensor housing.

(Details may be subject to change)

Keywords: Heating Controls