402701 P16 TYPE B (CE)

402701 P16 TYPE B (CE) from Pactrol Solutions

By: Pactrol Solutions  24/06/2009
Keywords: Gas Control

 Features Fully automatic programming control. Approved by BG plc to EN298 and some ANSI Standards Models available for forced draught and atmospheric burners up to and beyond 60KW RoHS Compliant Specification
Min Flame current: 2µA
Probe Type: Dual/Single
Phase sense: Yes
Purge Time (Tp): 2.5 - 5.5s
Ignition Time (Ts): 4.5 - 9s
Supply: 230V~Hertz: 50VA: 5  
Applications: Radiant tube heating.
Commercial boilers.
Commercial air heaters.
Catering appliances.
Process heating.
Agricultural heaters. 
Construction IP40 housing, dimensions, 140 x 100 x 54 mm,, 10 and 12 way plug in connections

Keywords: Gas Control