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By: Complementary Clinic  18/10/2012
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Hypnosis - £45.00 Hypnosis can open the door to a deeper insight into your problems, and yourself. Hypnosis is a natural state, which is entered into spontaneously every day. Hypnotherapy focuses this pleasant state of body and mind, which facilitates a state of mental absorption not unlike "daydreaming". Using the skills of a Hypnotherapist, and with the co-operation of the client, the Hypnotherapy session is directed towards alleviating symptoms and reprogramming. Personal issues may be explored using advanced techniques of Hypnoanalysis and Regression. Success of treatment will depend upon the client's willingness to work with the Therapist to achieve the desired results. Everyone can enter Hypnosis to a depth beneficial for therapy and generally the brighter and more willing the individual the easier is the Hypnotic induction. However, exceptions include people who are under the influence of mind-controlling substances, and those who are seriously disturbed. Hypnotherapy brings about an attitude of independence, leaving you with the ability to cope with problems. Approached with an open mind and a sense of exploration, it can provide an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness. Treatments - Suggestion Therapy combined with Supportive, Ego-Enhancing methods forms a part of all treatments and is all that is necessary for dealing with some of the simpler problems. Where problems are deep-seated, such as those based on one or more traumatic experiences, analysis under hypnosis may be necessary. A private consultation is in two stages. They are conducted at separate times for best results. All sessions are recorded. Stage 1) On your first appointment we will assess your receptiveness to hypnosis and take a detailed case study of personal information. This will help her to construct the Hypnotherapy script that is best suited to your personality. Stage 2) On your second appointment we will facilitate the Past Life hypnotic session and record all information revealed by yourself. Discussion after the hypnosis is complete to assess the benefits gained. Treatments may be classified into three broad categories: Supportive ego-enhancing methods - The goal here is to help the subject to feel more worthy - more capable of dealing effectively with problems and challenges - more able to contribute to his/her own well-being and be in control of circumstances both internal and external. Suggestion therapy - Here the Therapeutic effort is directed at removing - or alleviating specific symptoms - either physical or emotional in nature, e.g. difficulties associated with habit control, pain control etc., often respond to Direct Suggestion, especially if the subject is highly motivated to be rid of the symptom. The effectiveness of Direct Suggestion may be increased when combined with Therapeutic Visualisations and Ego-Strengthening techniques. Hypnoanalysis - Again the goals are symptom relief and ego-strengthening - but now- special methods e.g., Age-Regression, Past Life Regression Methods and Investigative Hypnoanalytical Techniques, are employed to help the subject understand the issues that create and maintain problems - gain insight into and work through underlying conflicts - and achieve a more extensive shift towards becoming a more Integrated personality. Some signs of stress - Physical symptoms: ssuch as Tiredness, Headaches, Insomnia, Breathlessness, Gastric Upsets, Sexual Problems, High Blood Pressure. Mental symptoms: such as Anger, Irritability, Feeling a Failure, Difficulty in Concentrating, Indecision, Fear of the Future. CONSULTATIONS The initial session is concerned with investigating as thoroughly as possible the nature of the condition to be treated: to determine the motivation of the client in reaching a resolution; to set the objectives of treatment in a clear and understandable way; to rest any nervousness and to gain the client's confidence and co-operation.

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