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By: Complementary Clinic  18/10/2012
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Healing Intuitively - £45.00 Healing Intuitively ~ known as Hi Therapy is an energy system that works on the memory level of the 'Etheric Energy Body'. The Etheric Body stores everything about you, every thought or action, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, sexual or soul and is recorded in the memory of the Double Etheric. These memories may be traumatic or happy, nevertheless they are 'us' and these memories are stored. Stored traumatic memories in the Double Etheric can cause our Energy Chakra Centres to malfunction and create a sluggish effect in the Chakra Centres. As the energy Chakra Centres are responsible for the movement of vital Ki energy, which sustains us in life, it is important to keep a good level of free flowing vital Ki energy within the Chakra System. Thus, 'Hi Therapy' brings a much-needed (in some cases) balance into a person's Etheric Energy Body, which in turn has a knock- on effect, on the physical, emotional, mental, sexual and soul bodies. HOW LONG DOES A TREATMENT LAST? Consist of 40 mins hands- on energy treatment, allowing 20 minutes after treatment discussion. Subsequent treatment, if necessary, consists of up to 10 minutes consultation to catch up on how you have progressed, and up to 40 minutes hands-on energy treatment, with 10 minutes after treatment discussion. If you think you would like/require extra counselling time you can pre-book half hour sessions to be added to your treatment time at a cost of £22.50 per 30 minutes.

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