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Full Body Massage from EnPhysage

By: EnPhysage  21/11/2012
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When a client researches different types of massage therapy, it is important to notice that certain methods focus on just one part of the body, such hamstrings or back, whilst other techniques focus on the whole body.  Receiving a full body massage has the potential for redistribution of tension/toxins from untreated areas and is eliminated. The beneficial effects are therefore likely to be longer-lasting. 

Relaxation and relief from tension and stress are often experienced following a full body massage.  Blood circulation is increased and drainage from the lymphatic system are improved.  This massage also relieves joint stiffness and muscular tension, release of toxins and improves circulation round the body.

A full body massage takes place in a warm room with soft music to aid the relaxation process.  On average, treatment sessions tend to last for one hour.

Typically, the back, arms, legs, feet, hands, neck and shoulders are targeted during a full body massage. Oils/creams have the added benefit of hydrating the skin.

Keywords: full body massage

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