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Kiln Dried Firewood from Stewart Timber

By: Stewart Timber  02/12/2010
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What is Kiln Dried Firewood?

Kiln dried firewood is an increasingly popular and eco-friendly fuel commonly used in stoves and chimeneas to give maximum heat output.

·        Why Kiln Dried and not Seasoned?

Seasoned firewood is logs cut and left to air dry for a long period of time (generally 12 - 18 months).

In a climate like ours, no matter how long logs are left, the moisture content will be inconsistent.

Drying the logs in a kiln only takes a couple of days and guarantees all the logs have a low moisture content of 20% or less.

·        Is moisture content important?

Yes. The drier the log, the more heat energy you will get from it. To give you an idea of how much this affects the efficiency fresh cut logs produce an average of 1kW/h energy per kilogram, whereas kiln dried logs produce an average of 4.5kW/h per kilogram. Wet logs also fail to ignite the gases in the wood due to the moisture. This can result in 50% of your heat output being lost. What more is that wet logs produce more smoke and in turn more soot which can damage your stove or chimney.

·        How is Kiln Dried Firewood sold?

We sell our firewood in volumes. The reason we don't sell it by weight is that wet logs weigh a great more than dry logs giving you a poor comparison. We sell our logs in various sized bags from small handy net bags to our huge 2m3 bulk sacks available for hi-ab delivery to your door.

·        How much will I need?

This depends on many factors such as heat insulation, size of rooms etc. We have found on average though that 3 - 4m3 of kiln dried logs generally lasts a full year.

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Keywords: Firewood