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Vocal Lessons from G12 Studios

By: G12 Studios  10/09/2010
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  Private and group vocal lessons available...

G12 offer private and group vocal lessons on a Saturday with a fully trained, professional vocal teacher.


Our very experienced teacher has developed a unique teaching method that trains all aspects of the voice including; breathing techniques, range development, pitch correction, articulation, repertoire choices, confidence building and most of all bridges the chest and head voice successfully. Our technique also ensures strength in the head voice. Ensuring a connected vocal tone throughout your whole range. Our very experienced teacher covers all genres of music including: Pop, Musical Theatre, Soul, Jazz, Rock & Metal, Classical and more.


In our group sessions the  for Vocal Grade Examainations is used and students cover all aspects of music as well as singing. Our vocal teacher uses fun methods ensuring that all students gain a full understanding of the rudiments of music thus enjoying reading and understanding sheet music in class.


Lessons are available on request for age 4+.

Places are limited so please book now.

G12 offer full training in all aspects of performing arts, please look at the website for full details.

G12 have a charity facility, so do not worry about fee's, if you have talent we want to see you...

Do you have questions about our classes?

We're happy to address all your questions or concerns. Call us on 0845 299 0842 or use our .

Places are limited so please apply now.

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