By: Bothwell Clinic  03/07/2012
Keywords: CLINIC, Holistic Treatments, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Alternative Therapy

Reflexology is a practice, which deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands or ears that are relative to all organs and glands in the body.

By stimulating these reflexes with thumbs and fingers, the therapist seeks to redress any imbalance in the body and promote self-healing. After consultation, the client will remove socks and shoes and sit or lie down while the therapist works the reflexes of the feet. Treatment is found to be extremely relaxing and the therapist will note any reflex areas felt to be tender as these are areas, which may need special attention.

A reflexology session lasts 60 minutes and costs £35.

Keywords: CLINIC, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Alternative Therapy, Holistic Treatments,

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