Hopi-Ear Candling

By: Bothwell Clinic  03/07/2012
Keywords: Holistic Treatments, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Alternative Therapy

An effective treatment in dealing with issues of the ear, nose and throat.

During a session of ear candling, a hollow tube made of flax, beeswax, honey extract and herbs such as Sage, St Johns wort and Camomile is inserted into the outer ear canal. When lit, it produces a mild suction effect and light vibration on the eardrum. It induces a feeling of warmth and as both ears are treated helps balance pressure in the ears, forehead and sinus.

It is helpful in conditions affecting the sinus areas such as sinusitis and headcolds. Some people find it helps alleviate the symptoms of migraines. Ear candles can also just be used as part of stress management as the whole treatment, which includes a facial massage at the end, is in itself deeply relaxing for the recipient. All our earcandles are manufactured by Biosun and the candles are licenced as a medical product class IIa according to medical device directive 93/42/EEC.

The practice of ear candling should always be carried out by one other person on the recipient. It is not advisable to attempt this treatment alone. The treatment takes 45 minutes, please allow longer for a full consultation, and costs £30.

Keywords: Colonic Hydrotherapy & Alternative Therapy, Holistic Treatments,

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