What To Look For In A Road Traffic Lawyer In Scotland

What To Look For In A Road Traffic Lawyer In Scotland from 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland

By: 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland  23/12/2008
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Check the internet for companies that have been around for a while just do a simple "Whois" check on their domain name and you will see when they registered their domain. Ask friends and family if they have heard of the firm or even contact the Law Society of Scotland and ask if they are aware of them.It can be difficult to tell if a lawyer is experienced without asking the question When did you qualify and how many road traffic cases have you actually won! Don't be shy this is your money and your licence that we are dealing with!

We are NOT linked in anyway to the firm of solicitors in Hamilton who recently featured in a national newspaper when their senior partner was convicted of drink driving!

We were the first firm in Scotland to  specialise exclusively in road traffic law. We are true road traffic law experts. Road Traffic Law is what we do every day....nothing else!

Graham Walker, has been practising criminal law in Scotland for more than 25 years. His experience can help win your case.

Please beware of copycat firms who claim to have extensive experience. Our lawyers have over 30 years of experience in criminal defence work between them. Our team not only consists of lawyers but also essential support staff such as secretaries and investigation agents all of whom play an essential part in ensuring our success with your case. Our office is close to Glasgow city centre and meetings can be accommodated at short notice. 

We have  unique technical and legal databases that are constantly updated.

We are the only firm in the UK to be invited to visit the GATSO camera factory in the Netherlands

We frequently deal with high profile clients in delicate situations and we ensure that wherever possible we keep them OUT of the News.

Our specialisation can win your case. You can depend upon us for up to the minute legal advice, FREE advice is available throughout this website and we will be pleased to offer more FREE advice should you call us. Get some

We have successfully defended drivers in courts throughout Scotland. We are in court EVERY day and have built up a considerable level of expertise that can be applied to save your licence.

More than 80% of our clients keep their driving licences in cases defended by us. (Independently Audited in 2008)

        We are available 24/7, call NOW on 0800 612 9597

For a FREE e-mail consultation, e-mail gw@roadtrafficlaw.com

For peace of mind contact us today. We are friendly and approachable. , especially at the early stages of a case. Free tips on how to deal with a motoring offence are available on this website and our members area.

      We are here to win your case and save your licence

Whether you wish to fight a speeding ticket, a drink driving charge or any other motoring offence you should call us now.

We are now members of the and would recommend that you ONLY instruct a firm that is registered with AMOL.

If you need to we can help.

       Keep You and Your Staff Road Legal-

Our are now an essential element of any modern, employee focused benefits package.

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