Road Traffic Lawyer Endorses The Alcosense Device

Road Traffic Lawyer Endorses The Alcosense Device from 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland

By: 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland  20/01/2009

AlcoSense™ -The Morning After Solution

Better Safe Than Sorry! 

We have never before endorsed a product of any kind through this law firm or on our website however we believe that the AlcoSense™device is the type of device that should be supported and used wherever there is a  concern that you may be over the drink drive limit.

This year we have received more instructions than ever before that relate to situations where drivers have underestimated the level of alcohol that is still in their system the day after they have been drinking. We believe there should be a reliable device on the market to help people decide whether it is safe for them to drive or not.


It is no legal defence to say that you did not know or suspect that you were still over the limit. It is therefore important to be certain. No machine is infallible, even the police intoximeter, but we reckon the AlcoSense™ is the best on the market.

Do not use this device, or anything similar as a method of checking your alcohol level as you consume alcohol over the course of an evening, etc. Recent mouth alcohol readings can cause inaccuracies in the readings from intoximeters.

However we do consider that this device could play a very significant role in reducing drink driving, by those drivers who find themselves behind the wheel of their car, the morning after consuming alcohol.

Why did we choose AlcoSense™?

Because, unlike many other manufacturers they are actively campaigning to have some kind of legislation or independent body assess ALL such devices on the market and to publish results about how effective they are. Some devices, are in our view useless or even dangerous as they are so far from accurate.

If you drank 4 pints or 3 large glasses of wine during a night out it could take as long as 12 hours for the alcohol to leave your system. If you stopped drinking at midnight you could still be over the drink drive limit at 10am. You can’t tell when you’re OK to drive again, but AlcoSense™ can.

AlcoSense™ is a pocket sized alcohol breathalyser, designed and developed specifically for the UK market. No larger than a mobile phone, it’s quick and easy to use at anytime, anywhere. Within seconds it will give you an accurate reading of your level of intoxication and will even warn you when you are near or over the UK drink drive limit.

Their quality standard and commitment to road safety is second to none which is why Sir Stirling Moss OBE and Brake (organisers of Road Safety Week) already work with them and support their  product.

If you wish to purchase an AlcoSense™ just click the link below to the Alcosense site and place your order.


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