Drivers Ignorant When It Comes To Cost Of Defending A Drink Driving Charge

Drivers Ignorant When It Comes To Cost Of Defending A Drink Driving Charge from 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland

By: 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland  23/12/2008
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Very few motorists realise the horrendous and unexpected costs in defending such a prosecution.

Glasgow based lawyer, Graham Walker of said that many clients do not realise that The Scottish Legal Aid Board will be unlikely to fund their defence due to the fact that Legal Aid is a means tested resource and most motorists are likely to fall out with the financial guideline limits.

He said "When they realise how much they will require to pay to defend their case they are often horrified."

said that it can easily cost in the region of £2,000 to £5,000 to defend such a case depending upon how much time the whole court procedure takes. We provide FREE online advice in the first instance but most solicitors do not consider this to be appropriate.

People depend upon their ability to drive in these credit crunch times it is fair to say that people are hyper sensitive to the fact that a licence can mean the difference between a job and the dole queue.

He advises that motorists should look to their insurance company for cover in some cases or that they make provision by joining a "Fee Discount" scheme like his own "Trafficlawplan" He explained that after a particularly painful visit to his dentist he noticed a scheme called "Denplan" that would have reduced the pain of paying the dentist's fee. He then decided to set up a similar scheme for legal fees in road traffic cases in .

Drivers often think that their insurance policy will not cover them but it is always worth having your solicitor look t the small print. Generally they will not charge for checking your policy and it could end up saving you thousands of pounds. It is unusual for an insurance company to pay for the defence where the charge is drink driving but when the charge is failing to provide a breath sample, for testing then they often do!

Keywords: drink dirve

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