Drink Drive Blitz in Scotland

Drink Drive Blitz in Scotland from 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland

By: 1st Road Traffic Law Specialists Scotland  23/12/2008
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You may think that the police in Scotland do not have the right to stop and breathalyse you but you would be wrong. In practise the police will stop you for a routine check such as documents etc and then if their suspicions arise due to the smell of alcohol from you or the car  you can and will be tested.

Police will once again be looking for strong public support in providing information about drink and drug drivers when their Xmas and New year safety campaign begins.Drivers can therefore expect that if they take the chance of drinking and driving someone will call the police and report their behaviour. It may be an old office score that someone wants to settle whatever the reason there can never be a reason for drinking and driving.

In common with other police forces in , Grampian, Strathclyde and Tayside Police will be looking to detect anyone who flouts the law and drives whilst under the influence of drink or drugs during the festive season.

The Christmas Campaigns such as this have received high levels of support from the public, which is testimony to the public's  intolerance of  people who choose to break the law and drive with excess alcohol or drugs in their system.

Many of the drivers caught are stopped by the police because someone reports them as a drink driver.

The statistics seem to show that most drink drivers are under 55 and are male.Invariably this leads to the loss of a licence unless a technical defence can be sestablished or evidence that should be available is not available to thwe defence. There is no magic bullet when it comes to successfully defending a drink drive charge. Place your faith and confidence in a good road traffic lawyer and they may be able to win your case or at leasst minimise the damage. often such cases can be damage limitation excercises. Are you aware that although the minimum period of ban for drink driving is 12 months it can be further reduced to 9 months if the court consider you eligibble for a drink drive rehabilitation scheme?

The aim of campaigns such as this is to highlight the very real risks to all road users which are posed by drink and drug drivers. No one should be in any doubt that it is far from safe to drive after consuming drink or drugs as driver reactions and responses often fall well short of those of a sober person.

It takes time for alchohol to leave the system and this is one of the areas where we find ourselves often advising and assisting clients who have genuinely believed that they were safe to drive not knowing that they were over the drink drive limit.

Don't take a chance on working out those generous home measures or the various strengths of lager and beer. The best advice is to appoint a designated driver who can stick to soft drinks. Don't Risk It!

Everyone should be aware of the consequences of being caught for drink/drug driving. Anyone in any doubt is reminded that it can lead to a fine, disqualification or imprisonment. What's more, it can even lead to someone losing their job, their income, their home and possibly being shunned by their family and friends.

There is also the significant impact that their actions have on other people, including any victims of the drink/drug driver as well families and friends who lives can be and often are irreversibly changed.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of the situation, it will profoundly affect your life and many of the things you take for granted in your everyday life. You will have to explain you actions to the courts and we would suggest that you always get an experienced road traffic lawyer instructed at the earliest opportunity

Keywords: drink dirve

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