Life Coaching - Be The Person You Were Born To Be. Live Your True Purpose

By: True Purpose True Potenial  16/06/2010
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“This is may be your chance to begin an extraordinary and rare journey, one that contains the potential to transform every aspect of your life now and for the future: the journey that brings you back to your true purpose and back to yourself”

Are you feeling caught up in the mundane routines of daily living? Is life passing you by? Do you feel the daily demands of your job, family or financial situation?  Are you frantically chasing your tail?  Or perhaps you are overwhelmed by stress or boredom?

Are you suffering from low self worth or lack of confidence? Do you long for the freedom and expansion that money and success seems to offer?  Or perhaps you are already successful and prosperous and yet you feel it is still NOT ENOUGH

If you feel this way perhaps you are trying to find it in the WRONG PLACE!

What If You  Can Truly Bring About The Change You Seek?  What If  You Could Find A Way To Be Happier, More Peaceful And Live Your Life To The Full?

What if you could be enabled to overcome low self-confidence and low self-worth and express your authentic self, to be clear,confident and content?

Find your true purpose in life, act rightly and EVERYTHING else will flow into place.  

Be The Person You Were Born To BE –  Reclaim The REAL Wealth Of Your True Self and Create A Better Life!

Life Coach Programme – Finding Your True Purpose And Creating A Better Life. 

Hi, My Name is Gavin Gowans. Today’s challenging and sometimes confusing times can provide great opportunities to learn and grow. Choosing me as your coach partner allows you to make the most of these opportunities, finding greater freedom and real choices in challenging times. Use coaching during periods of transition, development, change and renewal in your life. 

I will work with you, from the beginning, to define specific, observable outcomes. With these in place, you and I can measure their success. Movement toward these outcomes becomes the central focus of the coaching relationship.

My role is to be focused on you and your development. Working together in partnership, you are invited into deeper examination of your inner purpose, resulting in sometimes dramatic shifts in view, and creating alternative possibilities you may never have imagined or considered.

You will receive

  • Knowledge and practical guidance
  • Clear, honest, and direct feedback 
  •  Sustainable, visible shifts towards new effectiveness and capacity in the areas of focus
  • More joy and fulfillment
  • More Control, Life Balance, With Increased Resilience And Resourcefulness.
  • Accountability and structure for following through

 In our coaching together, ideas will sometimes come from you, and other times through myself, your coach. However, acting on them is always your choice. Think of me as a member of your team, and a partner in your learning.

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