A new library of audio bird books on CD, including birdsong identification & wildlife sounds

A new library of audio bird books on CD, including birdsong identification & wildlife sounds from Sounds Natural

By: Sounds Natural  23/05/2009
Keywords: natural sounds, Birdsong, Bird Songs

The Audio Bird Book Library at this stage has:
1.   20 titles recorded out and about in various habitats with experts to identify the birds and other animals that can be heard singing and calling  - titles such as A Wild Goose Chase in Galloway, A Night Out with the Birds, Ayrshire Shore Birds, Ayrshire and Galloway Upland Forest Birds, Minsmere Summer Birds, Birdsong of Welsh Oak Woodlands and Marsh, An Autumn Walk in Wychwood.

2.   6 productions of literary, heritage and other non-bird topics - a dramatisation of The Wind in the Willows, Wordsworth reads Wordsworth - highlights with Jonathan Wordsworth, The Lyrical Ballads, The Water of Life - an anthology of whisky, Sounds of Kenya and Running with the Fox  
    It’s not only the format of the audio bird books that is unique, as we think our Tale to Tell version of “The Wind in the Willows” is the only dramatisation of this delightful tale available on CD.     It is certainly the only audio “Wind” that contains as many natural sound effects, with its real life Badger, Toad, Otter appearances, as well as many bird and river sounds to act as a background to the dramatisation. Also, the “Sounds of Kenya” CD has a unique radio feature approach, mixing wildlife and an identifying commentary recorded on location - - - - while there’s nothing quite like “The Water of Life” anthology in the audio whisky world.

3.  12 productions involving bird and other natural sounds on their own, with no identifying narration - Spring Garden Birdsong, Summer Garden Birdsong, Dawn Birdsong, Woodland Sounds, Upland Sounds, Sound of the Sea, Sound of the Sea with shorebirds, Sea and Shorebirds Only, The Sound of Muck,
Wildfowl Talking, Sounds of the Botanics, East African Sounds.

Single CD titles cost £11.00, with twin CD packs, such as our Wind in the Willows dramatisation, being £12.50.

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