Solar Powered Parking Post/ Bollard

Solar Powered Parking Post/ Bollard from Lukes Engineering Co. Ltd

By: Lukes Engineering Co. Ltd  27/10/2009
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Solar Powered, Impact Resistant, Radio Controlled Parking Post
General Information:

·           The can be used on disabled bays, driveways, car parks, private roadways etc. It will safeguard your car as well as prevent people from parking in your space, or turning around in your drive!

·           There is no need to get out of your car in the wet, cold or dark to undo locks; simply press the button on the key fob to operate the post from the safety and security of your own vehicle.

·           The post is impact resistant so that it will give in any direction if hit by mistake, thus reducing damage to the post and vehicle. An alarm will sound to warn the driver they have hit the post. 

·           If someone is trying to steel your car by forcing the post down intentionally, the base disc will rise blocking the cars exit and the alarm will be activated.


Technical Information:

·           The post is solar powered, which trickle charges the battery meaning that no wiring is required.

·           The post is surface mounted making installation straightforward. It can be bolted to any solid surface up to an incline of 45ºby simply drilling four 8mm holes and attaching with the fixing bolts supplied.

·           With its ‘Automatic Vertical Sensing’ the post will always stop in a vertical position, even when bolted to an incline.

·           Any number of transmitters can be used for each post when set to the same code.

·           It is radio operated from a distance of approximately 10 metres.

·           When the post is in operation a warning siren will be heard and a flashing LED light will be seen to indicate this movement.

·           When in the down position the post is strong enough to be driven over.

·           The post footprint is 220mm wide x 360mm long, with the actual post being 700mm tall.

·           Ground clearance is 77mm when lowered, which is suitable for the majority of production cars.

·           It is important to remember that a flat tyre or heavy loads can considerably reduce the ground clearance of a vehicle. Always check before driving over the post and always drive over the post at a slow speed.

·           An additional security kit is available when increased security is required. For example, when the post is hit it sends out a signal to a remote alarm that can be situated inside the house to alert you of this.

·           The post can be kept in the lowered position throughout the day and it will still charge.

·           All products are designed and manufactured in the UK by Lukes Engineering Co Ltd.



·           Tools required for fitting: Drill and 8mm tipped drill bit, fixing bolts provided.

·           The post must have a solid foundation so if fitting to gravel or soft drives a concrete base must be added.



·           Moving parts should be lubricated regularly with spray grease.

·           Ensure the solar panel and the area around the post are kept clean and clear from debris.

·           It may be necessary for additional charging of the battery from time to time depending on usage and exposure to light.

·           The post runs off a 12volt 7amp hour battery, which can be charged using a standard car battery charger if required



All products are designed and manufactured in the UK by Lukes Engineering Co. Ltd, and are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase.

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