Intermediate Course

Keywords: fitness, walking, personal training

Available on completion of the Beginner's Course. During this course you will learn the complete nordic walking technique which alows you to train your endurance on a new level. Thanks to this course you will find out the real meaning of a total body workout.

Keywords: fitness, lose weight, nordic walking, outdoors, personal training, walking, Weight Management

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Long Nordic Walks

Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Weir Wood Reservoir.


Taster Session

No commitments so why not to have a go?


Beginner's Course

Your body uses nearly 50% more energy WEIGHT LOSS! Heart rate is raised by 5 to 17 beats/min WHOLE BODY TRAINING AND CONDITIONING! Involves your upper body which means you use 90% of your muscles  GREAT SUPPORT FOR REHABILITATION! The correct technique relieves tension in your arms, shoulder and trunk area LOW IMPACT WORKOUT! Poles take the load off your ankle joints, knees and pelvis Nordic Walking takes you out of the boring setting of your gym!