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Colon Klenz - Colon Cleanser from Perfect Shape Limited

By: Perfect Shape Limited  07/07/2009
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Perfect Shape's Best Selling Colon Klenz - Colon Cleanser is high in fibre. This All Natural Colon Cleanse formula is designed to promote normal colon health.

High in fibre, this premium, natural Colon Cleanse formula is designed to promote normal colon health. Try this in combination with our Enzyme Plus formula or Pure Acai Berry JUICE for tremendous results.

The person on a typical Western Diet holds 8 meals of undigested food and waste material in the colon. A good cleansing programme should always begin by removing the waste in your colon. If you attempt to clean your liver, blood, or lymph system without first addressing a waste filled bowel, the excreted toxins will only get recycled back into your body.

One of the most frequent bowel problems that people experience today is constipation. Constipation is generally attributed to a low fibre diet and lack of sufficient water.

A constipated system is one in which the transition, or "time", of toxic wastes is slow and the consistency of the stool can cause strain. The longer the "transit time", the longer the toxic waste matter sits in our bowel which allows proteins to putrefy, fats to become rancid, and carbohydrates to ferment.

The longer your body is exposed to putrefying food in your intestines, the greater the risk of developing disease. Even with one bowel movement per day, you will still have at least three meals worth of waste matter putrefying in your colon at all times.

Alternating between constipation and diarrhoea, or diarrhoea alone, are also indications of foul matter in your intestines. And finally, the much more serious problems of cancer and immune system dysfunctions begin with a toxic bowel.Infrequent bowel movements over an extended period are very hazardous to your health.

Bran and raw vegetables are so rich in fibrous bulk that they cannot get through the tiny holes remaining for passage of faeces in most colons. Instead they back up, fester and contribute further to the problem. There is only one good way to clean yourself out and that is by cleansing your colon.

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