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HomeSurvey Report from Hepburn & Associates

By: Hepburn & Associates  13/02/2009
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ISA HomeSurvey Reports The HomeSurvey report is a standard format designed by the ISa as an economy service, intended to indicate where defects may exist and suggest where further investigation is required prior to purchase. It is a similar report to the RICS Homebuyer and covers the same ground.

It is intended only for particular types of property:-

1. Post 1919 Houses, bungalows and flats
2. Conventional in type or construction, small extensions only
3. Apparently in reasonable condition
4. Maximum of 4 bedrooms or 200m2 floor area

It focuses on essentials:-

1. Items which are urgent or significant and may have an effect on the value of a Property
2. It is a purely visual non-destructive inspection, services are inspected but not tested
3. It gives ACTION points in the text and a summary of action and other key considerations
4. It includes an open market valuation
5. It includes advice on buildings insurance reinstatement cost
6. It is a concise report covering the building inside and out
7. Matters which are judged not urgent or significant are not included, but the surveyor will mention matters judged to be helpful and constructive

Its main objective is to assist the client to:-

1, Make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase
2. Assess whether or not the property is a reasonable purchase at the agreed price
3. Be clear what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged

Keywords: chartered surveyor, homebuyer, surveying services, surveyor