Employee Visit Tracking

Employee Visit Tracking from Easylog

By: Easylog  08/07/2010
Keywords: monitoring systems, workforce management, time and attendance


Easylog’s employee visit tracking systems provide a very flexible and cost effective solution to monitoring staff attendance at external sites. Key to the design and cost savings is that the hardware is aligned to the recording need. Therefore the recording equipment is different depending on whether you have multiple employees going to one/a few locations or individual employees going to multiple locations. It is also separated by either the need to know the attendance has happened automatically (on-line/realtime) or if the critical factor is just  the accurate electronic recording of the visit time and the data can be viewed at a later date when convenient (off-line). In this way the cost is appropriate to the required solution.

Easylog’s employee visit tracking systems come with a selectable set of software applications. The software reporting tools enable both simple attendance recording and analysis and, if required, more detailed and automated payroll analysis across unlimited pay rate bands.


Easylog’s employee visit tracking systems enable the hardware and software to be mixed and matched so that you can monitor all of your employees within a single system.

Keywords: Attendance Monitoring, Employee Tracking, monitoring systems, time and attendance, workforce management