Spring & Rubber Hangers

Spring & Rubber Hangers from Christie & Grey

By: Christie & Grey  03/04/2014
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Suitable for Acoustic Building Isolation & Building Services Applications A comprehensive range of steel spring and rubber hangers offering the designer a choice between low frequency vibration isolation or optimum performance at higher audible frequencies if noise control is of paramount importance. Wide load ranges and fixing requirements are catered for. Specialist hangers combining steel springs and rubber elements are available and also higher deflection springs if required. See more at http://www.christiegrey.com/sh_rh.html

Keywords: hanger, Rubber Hanger, spring hanger,

Other products and services from Christie & Grey

Rectangular Sandwich Mounts from Christie & Grey thumbnail

Rectangular Sandwich Mounts

Rectangular mountings, also known as sandwich mountings, are widely used for mounting engines in road vehicles and mobile construction plant. In the larger sizes they are used as vehicle suspension springs and as mountings for acoustic chambers, hoppers and various types of heavy plant installation.

Buffers from Christie & Grey thumbnail


Buffers or Bump Stops have been designed as deceleration devices to reduce the effects of impact forces.

Bobbins from Christie & Grey thumbnail


Circular rubber Mountings have been designed to protect instruments and sensitive equipment from the effects of shock and vibration and to reduce the transmission of vibration from small fans, compressors and similar light machinery.

ODL/ODS - Steel Spring Isolators from Christie & Grey thumbnail

ODL/ODS - Steel Spring Isolators

Working under extremely exacting conditions throughout the world, these ODL/ODS adjustable steel spring unit isolators have proved outstandingly successful in the control of vibration, structure borne noise and shock.

NBC - Neoprene Bonded Cork from Christie & Grey thumbnail

NBC - Neoprene Bonded Cork

Neoprene Bonded Cork (NBC) pads are a simple solution to the problem of high frequency noise and vibration produced by many industrial machines.

Studflex - Pads & Mats from Christie & Grey thumbnail

Studflex - Pads & Mats

Studflex is a market leading design and is one of the most adaptable and effective area isolation product available, capable of protecting entire buildings from railway vibration whilst smaller section pads can be used to isolate building Air Conditioning plant.

AWT - Acoustic Wall Ties from Christie & Grey thumbnail

AWT - Acoustic Wall Ties

Acoustic brickwork and internal partition wall ties are designed to provide structural stability whilst attenuating noise and vibration between cavity walls.

ACH - Acoustic Ceiling Hangers from Christie & Grey thumbnail

ACH - Acoustic Ceiling Hangers

Designed specifically for applications where audible noise attenuation is of most concern, the ACH offers a low cost alternative to larger more traditional spring and rubber hangers for supporting hanging ceilings.

IPF - Inertia Pouring Frame from Christie & Grey thumbnail

IPF - Inertia Pouring Frame

Inertia Pouring Frames have been developed for use with machines which produce high levels of vibration or those which are subjected to external forces or are simply unstable when mounted directly on spring or rubber mountings.

OS - Open Spring Mounts Large from Christie & Grey thumbnail

OS - Open Spring Mounts Large

Originally designed for use with Type IPF Inertia Pouring Frames, the OS Mountings are now widely used to isolate vibration from every conceivable type of rotating and reciprocating machine.

TSC - Two Springs Combined from Christie & Grey thumbnail

TSC - Two Springs Combined

A major advance in design has successfully combined the best characteristics of steel springs and rubber springs to produce an efficient, compact and economical range of unit isolators suitable for many types of applications.

Genflex Rubber Mounting from Christie & Grey thumbnail

Genflex Rubber Mounting

Genflex mountings employ the well proven inclined rubber element design to achieve much higher deflections compared to simple rubber in compression devices and therefore superior isolation of low frequency vibration.

Rubber Turret Mounts from Christie & Grey thumbnail

Rubber Turret Mounts

Type RM Rubber Turret mountings are designed to provide superior attenuation of medium to high frequency vibration and noise emanating from a wide range of motor driven machines particularly axial and centrifugal fans.

Installation of Floating Floors from Christie & Grey thumbnail

Installation of Floating Floors

Our SRS Stud Rail System Floating Floors are now widely specified for Radio/Television studios and recording studios where we work closely with Clients, Architects, Structural Engineers and Acoustic Consultants throughout all phases of construction.