Resurfacing or Refnishing an antique bathroom sink

Resurfacing or Refnishing an antique bathroom sink from The Bath Business-KENT,Tunbridge Wells,Canterbury

By: The Bath Business-KENT,Tunbridge Wells,Canterbury  06/04/2009
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Restoring Antique Sinks.

Resurfacing or refinishing an antique bathroom sink.

If you are lucky enough to have a period sink in your home, you may have noticed that there is crazing in the glaze of the porcelain, especially where there are little depressions built into the sink to take bars of soap. Although this crazing does not seem to affect the integrity or strength of the sink, it can be unsightly and the crazed areas are often quite dirty looking, even when they've been thoroughly cleaned.

When company's talk about resurfacing, re enameling, refinishing or reglazing your bathroom sink they basically mean the same thing. All of these terms simply describe a way of restoring the sink to new without removal. We can resurface ceramic sinks as well as toilet, showers and of course we also do professional enamel bath resurfacing.

At The Bath Business we can resurface or re enamel your period sink without removal. After re enamelling or resurfacing, your sink will have lost the crazing in its surface and it will now be very easy to clean. We can also re enamel the sink pedestal too if there is one.

Many antique or period sinks also have cracks in them, quite in addition to any crazing. The crazing is just in the glaze of the sink, and is made up of lots of very short little lines, usually about the width of a finger nail or less.

A crack, on the other hand, has gone through the porcelain itself. It will tend to look like a line across the sink and can be inches long. Sometime there can be several lines radiating out from a single point.

We can resurface a sink with a crack in it, as long as the crack itself is stable and not still growing. If you are unsure whether or not it has stabilized out, then the best option is probably to put off resurfacing it for a while and just observe the sink over a period of time, looking to see if the crack gets any bigger. Once the crack is stable and you're sure it isn't growing it should be fine to resurface the sink.

We can also resurface the sink in a different colour, for example we can resurface a green sink and change it to white.

Have a look at our website for some examples.

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