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By: The Bath Business-KENT,Tunbridge Wells,Canterbury  13/03/2009
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Resurfacing a bathroom suite.

Resurfacing, re enameling, refinishing and reglazing are all terms used to describe basically the same thing. Each is a process of restoring the bath or bathroom suite to it's original condition. Making the bathtub look and feel new again. This is done in situ. The whole suite can be resurfaced in the same fashion.

If you have a bathroom suite which is no longer looking its best, or perhaps is a colour that you don't like any more, then instead of ripping it all out and replacing, another option is to have the entire suite resurfaced (or re-enamelled as it is often referred to) by The Bath Business. The entire suite can be resurfaced in situ. This is a service which is requested from The Bath Business more and more. Often grey or green suites are being resurfaced to white. Also we are being asked to resurface whole suites in pastel shades of blue, pink or yellow.

The Bath Business can resurface or re-enamel any type of bath-room suite. Most wash hand basins and w/c's are made of porcelain. However the bath can be cast-iron, pressed steel, acrylic, fiber glass etc. The Bath Business can resurface the whole suite no matter what type of bath you have. So if you have a fancy cast-iron roll top or an acrylic corner bath we can resurface it for you.

The fact that the resurfacing is done in situ means that the entire suite can be done in a day, and would be usable the next. None of the fixtures need to be removed so there is no need to replace  any tiling or flooring. None of the plumbing is disconnected when the suite is reenameled so there is no need to remove the bath panel (if there is one). The Bath Business can resurface your entire suite and literally have it all looking new that day! Quite a bonus in itself when one considers replacing the suite would probably constitute days of workmen coming in and out of the house.

If you are considering having your entire suite resurfaced then there are a few points to bear in mind: The suite will be usable the day after it is resurfaced. If the WC that is part of the suite is the only one in the house, then you may need to make other arrangements for the period it is out of action. Also, if the toilet seat in your bathroom is one which is likely to get treated roughly (i.e.: you have children who may throw the seat down onto the pan), then you may wish to consider replacing the WC as the new surface may well chip were the toilet seat impacts on it with such force.

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