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By: The Bath Business-KENT,Tunbridge Wells,Canterbury  06/04/2009
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Repair a Bath, Bath Repair

A service which The Bath Business ltd delivers is the repair of chips, dings etc to a bath’s surface.

There are many instances where a bath in otherwise good condition has had its surface chipped or damaged. In such cases a Bath Repair is a definite option. Rather than resurface the whole bath, which is our mainline service, we would do a localised repair to the damaged area only.

The type of repairs that can be done are chips to the enamel of cast-iron and pressed steel baths, dents or dings to plastic or acrylic baths and also small holes punched through the surface of plastic or acrylic baths.

A Bath Repair of a hole in a plastic bath is conditional on being able to reach the hole from underneath the bath, so the bath panel has to be able to be removed and the hole in a location which someone can reach with their arm.

The procedure for doing a Bath Repair is to fill the chipped or dinged area and sand smooth.

Next, the material which is to be sprayed over the filled area is colour matched to the existing surface of the bath. This is the most important part of a bath repair. Even if the existing surface is white, there are many, many shades of white. If the colour isn’t matched then the repaired area will stand out and catch the eye. If you have tried to repair a chip or ding yourself you’ll already have observed this. Often a diy bath repair or diy chip repair gone wrong is the reason the bath business has been called out in the first place.

Once the colour is matched then the filled area is airbrushed over. The area may then be polished if any dust has landed on the wet material.

The same procedure can be used to repair chips in sinks, shower trays or even tiles.

The result is an invisible repair with little to no disruption to the home.

Bath resurfacing in London, Brighton, Surrey, Slough, Edinburgh, Glasow, Kent and Royal tonbridge Wells.

Bath repairs done in Greater London, Central London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kent and Brighton.

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