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By: Gano Vital Health and Wealth  24/12/2010
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gVital Spore is 100% Organic Gandoderma Lucidum Spore Powder/Extract

Gano Vital’s Organic Gandoderma Lucidum Spore/extract capsules are the seeds, the lifeblood, the power of the Ganoderma that is released from the mature fruit body when the herb is ripe.

The gVital Ganoderma Spore powder provides the nutritional food to feed all parts of the body, building a stronger immune system and strengthening the body’s resistance to disease and illness.

If you continually get a cold or Flu each winter you should question the low state of your immune system  and take steps to improve it. gVital Ganoderma Spores, the little powerhouse supplement may well be your answer.

One of the main ingredients is Ganoderma Lucidum which is the number one herb in Chinese medicine, and has been so for 4000 years’. Much folklore and history has been attached to Gano Lucidum, and in recent years’ there have been scientific studies to back up some of the claims.

It has over 200 nutritional elements, including vitamins and minerals and 154 anti-oxidants, more than any other herb on the planet.  This is the reason why it is such a powerful nutritional food and gives our body the necessary nutrition to cleanse and build up the immune system which is our greatest defence against disease.

Ganoderma is known as a superior herb in Chinese medicine, which is the highest honour given in Chinese medicine.

Each bottle of  gVital Spore contains 90 Capsules

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