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Shaolin martial arts from Shaolin Temple Academy

By: Shaolin Temple Academy  16/01/2011
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 Shaolin Temple Academy is dedicated in teaching the practise of Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese culture.

The Academy specialises in a range of Chinese Martial Arts that is beneficial to children and adults such as Shaolin Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Soft and Hard Qi Gong (Iron Body Conditioning), Qin Na (Joint Locking), Shaolin Weapons, Shaolin Acrobatics and San Da (Chinese Kick Boxing).

We are the first and only full time Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in South East London. We are officially affiliated with the Shaolin Temple of China, and known to them as the UK Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks training base.

The Academy is known for its repuation of excellence, cultivating champions in national and international competitions.

About the Master:

Shifu Shi Yan Kun is a 34th Generation Master training at the Shaolin Temple in China. He has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years & is the head Master of Shaolin Temple Academy.
Shi Yan Kun is honored to have taken discipleship of the world-renowned Abbot Shi Yong Xin, the Abbot of the famous Shaolin Temple in China. In June 2009, he was proudly awarded by the Shaolin Wushu Association of Henan, China to be the highest ranked non-Chinese in the world to achieve the Shaolin Wushu Duan Wei Level 6 (Dan 6).

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