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By: FoundUB4  09/09/2010
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Social Media identifies the technology, platforms and ways in which users discuss content on-line.

Social Media depends on user-generated information and enables people to share, discuss and be involved in the conversation. Additionally, it allows people or companies to become both readers as well as publishers of content material. Interaction also plays a vital role in Social Media with communication among fellow users increasing content levels and also further spreading the word.

This content comes in many forms including; text, photos, videos as well as audio. Online communities are also created through Social Media as like-minded individuals discuss their particular common likes and dislikes.

is fast moving having a constant stream of new technologies being developed enabling greater conversation and new methods to share content on-line.

Below is a summary of the most used Social Media platform types:

  • Social Networks – Social Networks are generally platforms created for people to interact with each other and allow individuals to generate individual profiles through which they are able to communicate with fellow users –most often friends, family or business associates. Social Networks allow people to chat as well as share content – be it by means of text, photo or video. Presently, the most famous social networking websites consist of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Bebo.

  • Video Sharing– is a information medium that can be uploaded and shared online. A perfect example would be YouTube. Users can comment on submitted movies and increase viewer numbers through links, recommendations and also uploading it to other on-line portals/sites.

  • Photo sharing – Photo sharing sites have become increasingly popular and allow people to upload and share their photos or even images on-line. These images can then be shared over the web. A good example of a photo sharing site is Flickr.

  • Blogging/Forums – Blogs and forums tend to be types of web sites typically maintained by a person, a company or perhaps an online community. The way in which a blog varies from a standard static web site is in the regular updates or entries made. These can be made up of a variety of things whether it’s a running commentary, event updates, most recent news or even rich media. Blogs are also extremely interactive and many blogs enable visitors to post comments or enhance an article.

  • Micro blogging is a more recent phenomenon enabling users to publish very short text articles frequently – Twitter is the best demonstration of this.

  • Social Bookmarking – sites allow users to share their own ideas on content across the web. They can comment of all forms of content whether it is an overall website, a blog post, a news article or even a photo or video. By publicly bookmarking this content it becomes suggested to other relevant users who in turn read and can also bookmark the item spreading it across the internet. Popular social bookmarking sites include: Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and

Keywords: SEO consultant, Social Media Optimisation, web advertising