SEO Software: Web CEO, software for analysing and optimising your website.

SEO Software: Web CEO, software for analysing and optimising your website. from SeoHeaven

By: SeoHeaven  09/12/2009
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Web CEO:

Web CEO is a tool for analysing your websites. You can analyse, optimize and adjust your websites. A nice addition is that you can check the website of your competition as well. With the help of Web CEO your rankings in the search engines will be increased.

Web CEO is divided in 4 modules:

-         Find your niche

-         Promote your site

-         Analyze your site

-         Maintain your site

Find your niche:

This is the first part of building your website. It is important that you will do this right, else you get the wrong people on your website. People who dont have interest in your products at all.


You need keywords for your website. Without keywords, your customers wont find your website on the search engines. Web CEO gives you a few suggested keywords for the chosen subject. If you choise Electronics for example, Web CEO will give you the most used keywords. It will also give you the KEI for each keyword. KEI means how often it is searched and how often it is used by other websites. The software also shows you how the competition is ranked at the most important search engines for the chosen keywords.

Optimize pages:

At this section you can see if your webpage is optimised for the search engines or not. Web CEO gives you an advice report, an analysis report and a density report.

The advice report gives you advice of certain factors on your webpage. Factors like number of keywords in the title, use of headings and number of words on your webpage. The analysis report gives you an analysis how these factors are on your own webpage. The density report gives you an indication how much the chosen keywords are used on your webpage. All these reports are for the chosen search engine. 

The software also gives you a SE report, Search Engine report. The report shows you what search engins see on your webpage and what not. It also shows you the working links, which they can or cannot follow.

Edit Pages:

Here you can adjust your webpages. You just found out what advice the report gave you on your webpage and what should be adjusted. You can do that here. If you adjusted your website it is recommended to run the optimize page function again to see if it all fits now. 

At edit pages you can also make a site map. This is a survey where all your links can be found. This is pretty easy for web crawlers from search engines. With a sitemap they can quickly see and follow all the links on your website. 

Promote your site:

It is nice to have a perfect website. But you also need to promote it. Web CEO helps you out promoting your website.

Submit URL's:

Here you can add your websites to the search engines. Of course if you wait long enough, web crawlers from the search engines will find your site. But that can take months. If you submit your website to the search engines, they notice instantly your website is online and hopefully index your website.

Find link partners:

External links to your website are important for increasing your websites page rank and rankings in search engines. Web CEO can find link partners for you, so you can try and ask for external links to your website.

Manage PPC Campaigns:

PPC campaigns are paid per click campaigns. So you pay for getting visitors to your site. If someone is searching for something what is being sold on your website, the search engines also gives a extra link to your website. If the user clicks on that link, you need to pay for it, but you get more visitors on your website.

Web CEO offers a module where you can manage your campaigns on the search engines. It doesnt even matter if you already got an account or not, the software can make one for you if you like.Only thing you have to do is give the keywords you like and the money you like to pay for each click.

Analyse your site:

One day you can have high rankings on the most search engines, next day that ranking can go down to the 3rd of 4rd page. It can change almost every day. So it is important to run scheduled analyses on your website.

Check rankings:

Here you can see the rankings on the chosen search engines and for the chosen keywords. Where are your ranked? Did your ranking increased? Or did it go down? Here you can check it out. You can also check your competitors on the chosen keywords, so you can see how far you still have to go to beat them.

This function also checks if your page are indexed on the search engines. If they are not, you can add them through Web CEO. 

Analyse link partners:

With this function you can analyse your external links. To which webpage do your link partner link to? How much external links do you have on your website and webpages? Here is the way to check it.

Traffic reports:

Traffic reports shows you how much traffic you got on your websites. How much unique visitors do you have? Where do they go? Where are they from? How did they get on your site? All this information is in this traffic report. If you know this you know where you can focus your marketing campaings.

Maintain your site:

It is important to maintain your website. This is important for both search engines and human visitors. If you see a website where no links are working, you wont come back to that website. Same counts for web crawlers. If they see all broken links for example, your page rank goes down.

Control site quality:

Control site quality checks your website if all links are still working or if all your webpages are still accesible. If they are not you can adjust them, so they work again.

Monitor site uptime:

At the start of 2010 some major search engines got a new algorithm to rank your website. It is about the loading speed of your website.Here you can see if your website is still online and how fast your load speed is.

You can check this software out on It is also included with a free trial and if you order the software you get a lot of bonuses.

Keywords: internet marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, SEO Software, web marketing