Seo service: Stompernet membership.

Seo service: Stompernet membership. from SeoHeaven

By: SeoHeaven  10/12/2009
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Stompernet is a website for your online marketing campaigns. You can make an account for $200,- a month, but this is worth it. You will get a couple of high rated tools, and you have acces to the Stompernet forums with lots of other Stomper users. Here are the most important tools which you get together with Stompernet membership.

StomperQast achieves everything a business owner or marketer might desire, all in a single system. It is first and foremost, an advanced global sms text messaging system system. But it goes further, it allows you to collect, build, market and communicate with as many databases as you wish to build, via...

Combined communication modes:

- Email

- Mobile sms

- IM (Instant Messenger)

- Social media(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)

Automation – setup up mobile and email autoresponder series

Management on the go – tie your mobile phone to your account and easily text everyone on your list.

Segmentation – Send your message only to specific area codes.

Two Way Texting – Send messages back and forth with your customers


In a recent survey, 81% of all marketers indicated that the number-one advantage of Social Media is generating exposure for their business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. But many also use social media to monitor brand, competition, or find profitable niches. There are also numerous examples of social media being used for customer support and interaction. And of course, the power of social media to generate testimonials, reviews and viral traffic is legendary.

But there's a huge problem, marketers fight every daily in staying on top of the myriad of Social Media sites. What's needed is a sophisticated system that monitors the entire social media universe non-stop, simplifies personal interactions, and helps orchestrate marketing campaigns. Something you can boot up and leave running all day on your desktop, where within once click you have a 10,000 foot view of your custom social media world -or- you can zoom in to the personal interaction level in a snap.

The social media management system is out, it's free for all Stomper members and it is the exclusive StomperSocial.

What you get:

   1.      The StomperNet "Social Twenius Machine" by PeopleBrowsr

   2.      Access to all StomperNet Faculty - 24/7 (via PeopleBrowsr)

   3.      The Twitter Twenius Intensive Starter Program 

   4.      The 100 Twitter Twenius Strategies eBook (11 MB)

   5.      The "RAW Twenius" interview (covering Social Media Outsourcing for Pennies on the Dollar)

   6.      MyTwitter Toolbar (Over 250 tools & resources. Mac or PC)

   7.      27 Step Master Twitter Set-up Guide

   8.      Exclusive PeopleBrowsr Strategy and how-to

Traffic Geyser:

Nobody would question the power of video to get unbelievable placement in Google’s search results, we’ve all seen it for ourselves. The only problem is that video is really complicated, frustrating, time consuming and worst of all, expensive with all the software and cameras and stuff, right?

Not with Traffic Geyser.

All you need to do is call their number from your home or cell phone and Traffic Geyser will do all the work for you!

Most importantly, it will also send out your video to over 55 sites to generate targeted traffic for your websites!

    *      By submitting to tons of free video hosting services at once, i.e. YouTube, Google Video, Revver, etc.

    *      A built-in slide-show creator generating videos from audio (or an included toll-free phone number) and photo files

    *      By submitting video links to over a dozen social bookmarking sites

    *      Automatically creating blog "articles" from your video titles and descriptions

    *      Automatically creating iTunes-compatible podcasts

    *      Automatically "transcoding" your video files into formats that play on many portable devices (iPods, iPhones, AppleTV, Zune, etc.)

    *      Submitting your podcast feeds to top podcast directories

    *      Storing "templates" to submit your content multiple times, very rapidly with different keyword titles

    *      Providing tools to embed audio files in a custom flash player to put on your site

    *      Support for multiple "profiles" and accounts on over 40 different services to submit your content under different aliases


There are dozens of options when looking for an online shopping cart platform. The problem is that none of them give you the exact solution you need without having to add expensive features or have (more) expensive programming done to make it do what you need. Even worse, they usually stink when it comes to being search engine friendly!

StomperCommerce solves these problems and much more!

    *      SEO friendly, full featured Ecommerce solution – Totally Stompernet approved

    *      Coupon codes, tiered pricing, shipping calculation, and all the features you could need, built into a gorgeous, easy to use back office!

Seo Qast:

Google dropped a bomb when they released their universal search changes awhile back. What most didn’t realize is that when they revealed this new version of their search, they also revealed exactly what types of content you should be using to market your business!

Finally, a tool has arrived that helps you to automate the process of sending out your content, “spins” it to make it appear unique to Google, and gives you the control you need to ensure that your content always looks right.

SEOQast is going to save you a ton of time and actually get you the positioning you need in Google.

SEOQast helps you distribute and spin all of these different types of content:

    *      Videos

    *      Podcasts

    *      Articles

    *      Press Releases

    *      RSS Feeds

    *      Social Bookmarks

    *      Classified Ads

    *      Web Directories

Review Qast:

ReviewQast is a service that is White-Labeled as a StomperTool that allows you to provide your customers with a Review card that they can fill out and send in to the ReviewQast folks.

They will then post that customer review on Google Local or other review sites.

You get 1 Free review per month as a StomperNet member, and if you want more, you can easily sign up for more.

If you already have a free review posted in one month and a second one comes in, you'll be sent an email asking if you want to either upgrade or just wait and post the 2nd review the next month for free.

You probably can guess that getting great reviews, that are REAL, from an ethical 3rd party like ReviewQast, can really boost your rankings if you're in a local search type of business.

Market Samurai:

There are dozens of “keyword research” tools available and they vary in price from free to thousands of dollars per month. What if you could get your hands on the one solution that does everything you need? Even better, how about you get it for free just for being a member of StomperNet?

We’re proud to be able to give you Market Samurai, the true solution to niche selection and keyword research!

    *      Uncover the best, most profitable keywords for your market.

    *      See Cost Per Click, Adwords traffic, and Real Search Volume straight from Google

    *      Analyze the backlinks of your competitors, and the power of their link network.

    *      Find new sources of content, new research locations, and unpromoted content you can claim.

    *      Finds sites you can put your links on that will give you the best value in the eyes of Google.

    *      Find profitable products you can promote in literally any market.

    *      Market Samurai will write effective, converting ads for you with a few button clicks.

These are the most important tools you get with your Stompernet membership. If you are not okay, you get your money back if you cancel your subscription within 1 month. Check our website at

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