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Easy Rewriter, for rewriting your articles from SeoHeaven

By: SeoHeaven  08/12/2009
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Easy Rewriter rewrites articles for your website. It will copy the original article in a slightly different one. You can make 3 different copies of the original article.

You can also take an article of someone else, Easy Rewriter will rewrite it for you. They will never find out it originally was their article.

You can also rewrite an article from a different language. Easy Rewriter will try to translate that article. However this is not optimal, since it is translated by a computer. So it will never translate it exactly in what you meant.  

Easy Rewriter got one function: Rewriting articles. You make a copy of the original article, and it rewrites one, two or three different articles for you. Easy Rewriter can import the rewritten articles in the Article Spinner. Easy Rewriter also got a spelling check.

You can see the difference between the original article and the new article in the Article Spinner. Here you can see what is changed in the text. You can also get synonyms for all adverbs and verbs. So you can still change the article the way you want it. You will also get a explanation of the word.

The rewritten articles will always be in English, not another language. You can input another language in Easy Rewriter though. It will translate it for you in English by Goole Translations. Like said before, this is not optimal, since it is translated by a computer.

Easy Rewriter can rewrite articles for your own website. The copy is adapted so others don’t know what the original article was. This way you can change articles of your concurrent as well.

It is not a web based program. So you have to download it and install it on your computer. It is possible to install it on two computers, with the same registration key. So you can use Easy Rewriter on your computer at work or at home for example.

The articles created by Easy Rewriter make it possible to put more content on your website. It is less time consuming then write new articles yourself over and over again. The constant changing of the content of your website attracts web crawlers from search engines. They like it if the webpage changes a lot. The drawback is, the rewritten articles are in English only.

Advantages Easy Rewriter:

-         Possible to install it on two computers.

-         The rewritten articles are new articles for the search engine. Since this looks like new content, it will increase your page rank.

-         Possible to insert 41 different languages.

-         Rewritten articles can be adapted if you want.

-         English Dictionary available Easy Rewriter will also give you synonyms for the words.

-         Live Help support.

Disadvantage Easy Rewriter:

-         Not an optimal translation tool.

-         The rewritten articles are not always100% what you meant.

-         Only English rewritten articles available.

Check this software out here: <a href="http://www.seoheaven.eu/humanrewriter.php">here</a?. You will get a lot of bonuses as well.

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