Stone & Brick Cleaning

Stone & Brick Cleaning from Ideal Group UK

By: Ideal Group UK  16/11/2009
Keywords: building construction, cleaning services, commercial cleaning services

The Ideal Group has a method of cleaning using steam without the use of chemicals.

The Doff® System complements the JOS® System. It is the natural way of removing surface coatings such as:

  • Paint
  • Bitumen
  • Oil & Grease
  • Chewing Gum
  • Grime
  • Algae
  • And many other problems solved without damage

A normal water supply is taken into the high pressure pump where the pressure is increased to a required level before it enters the hot box where the temperature is increased to up to 150 degrees Celsius if necessary. This is then fed through the high pressure heat resistant hoses to the nozzle.

The JOS® System is a low pressure vortex process, which uses a mixture of air, fine inert powder and relatively small quantities of water.

This method allows the safe removal of carbon pollutants from: Stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete & many other materials. Also oxidation/Sulphuration products from Bronze, Brass, Copper, Anodised Aluminium etc.

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Keywords: building construction, cleaning services, Cleaning Solutions, commercial cleaning services