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Mould Restoration from Ideal Group UK

By: Ideal Group UK  16/11/2009
Keywords: Mould Removal

We all know that breathing in and handling contaminated particles or material can be harmful to your health.

We also know that, as responsible employers, it is our duty to properly train and kit out staff to work within industry Health and Safety guidelines.

More often than not, staff and sometimes visitors can be inadvertently exposed to health hazards.

Employees may even be asked to carry out cleaning duties they are not trained to, or do not understand, how to do properly.

That’s why, at The deal Group, we know the importance of a deep clean.

With years of experience in destroying air-borne hazards, our health and safety record speaks for itself.

We can remove all manner of contamination from your property using a safe but effective cleaning system.

Through this thorough cleaning process, we decontaminate you premises and make them fit for purpose.

Our state-of-the art equipment enables us to show you detailed analysis of the start and finish points of the cleaning process. You can be secure in the knowledge that your site is not just visually clean, but deep-down clean.

Moulds can be harmful or helpful, depending on where it grows. For example, the drug Penicillin is obtained from a specific type of mould, but some of the moulds that we find in our homes can be harmful to our health. Experts who have studied mould now say, “People should not live in mouldy houses”.

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Keywords: Mould Removal