Heating, thawing, curing or drying

Heating, thawing, curing or drying from Ideal Group UK

By: Ideal Group UK  16/11/2009
Keywords: Fire And Flood Damage Restoration, Temperature Controlled Heating, Controlled Concrete Curing

Whether you require heating, thawing, curing or drying, including disaster restoration, DRYAIR is the answer to all your needs – our portable solutions are ideal for creating a stable, low-humidity, work environment.

High humidity conditions on the worksite can cause:

  • Warping of framework.
  • Cracking or separation of millwork.
  • Cracked seams and screw pops on drywall.
  • Slow curing and dusting of concrete.
  • Taping & painting delays due to slow drying.

These same conditions can also cause warped studs on millwork, wood, drywall and concrete structures.

Our temporary heat allows work to continue without distraction regardless of weather conditions. The DRYAIR system allows you to customise your approach to heating for each project. Heat can be delivered safely and efficiently when and where required.

DRYAIR heat exchangers automatically control temperature and fuel usage. This reduces the need for daily supervision – and is ideal for overnight and weekend work breaks!

Contractors – If you fear that moisture or water damage may be impending construction work then consider our Accelerated Drying Program or any of our Central Heating Systems. If you require Concrete Curing and Ground Thawing – please browse our website.

Keywords: Controlled Concrete Curing, Fire And Flood Damage Restoration, Temperature Controlled Heating, Thermal Pest Removal