Smart Pen - Scratch Remover/Repair For Cars

Smart Pen - Scratch Remover/Repair For Cars from Household Innovations

By: Household Innovations  07/10/2010
Keywords: innovative products


We all hate it when we come out of the supermarket and find our car scratched by somone inconsiderate or even when we are forced into the hedgerow along a narrow lane, Try this little beauty - The Smart Pen Scratch Repair- as seen on TV - definitive solution for getting rid of those everyday marks and scratches on your car in seconds.

Smart Pen can be used on all cars and motorcycles, in all colours and with all models including metallic paint.

So forget about paying all that money for a mechanic to fix just a few imperfections - you can repair them yourself in seconds!

The Smart Pen’s tip also has a cushioning system that helps it to adapt to all kinds of surfaces and its technology doesn’t just get rid of scratches, it also fills, seals and protects them from further corrosion!

Remove scratches in seconds!

Keywords: innovative products