Achieve Garage Envy With These Garage Storage Solutions!

By: Household Innovations  22/01/2010
Keywords: Garage Storage, Bike Storage Racks

Now that you have even more things cluttering up your house thanks to a bumper Christmas and a big spending spree in the New Year sales, you should start to think about where you are going to store all this newly acquired stuff. Of course we already know the beauty of Space Bags and Pack Mate storage bags for making big piles of stuff into smaller piles of stuff, but there’s still a limit to where you can put all these things.

Apart from anything else, you can’t squash the kid’s new bikes into a Pack Mate bag, so you need something else, like bike racks for instance! Once again, with a little help from some practical products, we have the solution! Garage storage is an issue for a lot of families, because once we get the idea of using it as a storage space, the poor old garage tends to end up looking like an earthquake at a jumble sale. We’ve all seen those horrific scenes of total devastation, with boxes of old records spilling out onto the exercise equipment we bought in the sales four years ago and only used twice. These days the phrase ‘tidy garage storage’ is almost considered a misnomer by storage experts who have witnessed a worrying decline in the state of the nation’s garages. If you have to look up the word ‘misnomer’ in a dictionary but have just realised that your copy of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary is floundering under a set of ladders in the garage, then you too are in dire need of a proper garage storage system!
It may seem like a perfectly simple idea, but hooks are the saviours of garage floor space. Simply by using cleverly designed hooks, baskets and racks, you can clear up all that valuable space to put a car in it, or a home gym, or a hot tub! (Let’s not get carried away). The point is that using the wall space efficiently with bike racks, garden tool racks, golf equipment racks and hooks that are capable of holding ladders and other equipment, you can create a garage storage system that emancipates your garage floor space forever (better go find that dictionary!). Once you have the bike racks on the wall and the storage baskets taking care of that boules set you inexplicably bought, why not get your garage ceiling in on the storage act. With a heavy lift storage system you can move all those boxes off the floor and simply hoist them up to the ceiling out of the way. Load over 100kg of stuff onto the 4ft by 4ft platform and let the heavy lift storage system literally take the weight off your shoulders.

Never again will you have to sneak out at night to open your garage door for fear of the neighbours seeing your clutter. Open your garage to the world and be proud that your garage storage system is the best in the whole damn street!

Keywords: Bike Storage Racks, Garage Storage