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Over the years, the financial market has developed several loan schemes in order to respond to the various types of demands that it receives from people. Financial crisis may take place at any time. More often people need loans of small amount which are quite enough to serve their need. Immediate finance may be essential for clearing the telephone bills, the electric bills, the school fees of kids and so on. They can even manage a ceremony that has been fixed all of a sudden with the small amount. However, some situations when a person has to pay a sudden medical bill may necessitate a lump some amount to be borrowed. This is where the UK people can consider themselves as fortunate as they can now secure the instant cash if they apply for the 1500 pound loan.

The 1500 pound loan is a type of short term loan program that means the borrower should pay back your loan amount within 2 to 4 weeks. As the 1500 pound loans are short term, they have comparatively higher rate of interest. It will be good for the borrowers to repay the amount within its stipulated period. An extension for the term can also be asked for, if the lender agrees to do so. The only problem is that the loan burden will be higher as the penalties and fines will also be added to the amount payable.

Applicants for have to be eligible for the loan. There are certain conditions to be followed which are given in details below:

* An applicant should be above 18 years of age.
* It’s a financial contract. The person who is not the major is not permitted to enter into such agreement
* An applicant should be a UK citizen.
* He or she should hold a checking a/c.
* The lender will transfer the loan amount to the bank address forwarded by the borrower immediately after the application is approved.
* The borrower should work under the officially authorized organization and he should earn 1000 pounds every month.

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Keywords: payday loans

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