Fertile Hatching Eggs, Bantam, Large Fowl Chicken + Waterfowl

Fertile Hatching Eggs, Bantam, Large Fowl Chicken + Waterfowl from CockerDoodleQuack

By: CockerDoodleQuack  17/08/2010
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 We have a good selection of quality fresh fertile hatching eggs for either Incubation or for putting under your Broody Hen.  These are available for collection in Kent or we are happy to securely pack into purpose made egg boxes and post.

We currently have the following eggs available:

Buff Orpington
Blue Orpington
Lemon Cuckoo Orpington
Black Orpington
White Orpington
Black Splash Orpington
Lavender Orpington
Millefleur Pekin Bantam
Buff Columbian Bramha Bantam
Plymouth Rock Bantam
White Silkie Bantam
White Wyandotte Bantam
Buff Orpington Bantam
Black Orpington Bantam
Khaki Cambell Duck
Aylesbury Duck
Indian Runner (Mixed Colours) Duck
Pure Black Indian Runner Duck

Please telephone for the latest prices and availability, You are more than welcome to collect these as well, which we reccommend to save postal damage + you get to see the parent stock and have some 'chicken chat'!  Please see our website for more details and see pictures of our birds. We really look forward to meeting you.

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