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By: Knight Optical UK Ltd  10/03/2011
Keywords: Scientific Optical Filters

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Lenses  from Knight Optical

    Aspheric Lenses - Precision Grade, Plastic Grade,  Firepolished Grade
    Ball Lenses - BK7, Quartz and Sapphire types
    Biconvex Lenses - Quality Grade
    Concave Lenses - UV Fused Silica, Quality Grade,
    Concave Laser Lenses - High Index
    Convex Lenses - Commercial Grade
    Condenser Lenses - Large Quality Grade
    Cylindrical Lenses - Quality Grade, UV Fused Silica,  Commercial Grade
    Uncoated & AR coated for 245-400nm
   Doublet Lenses - Achromatic Quality Grade, Achromatic Commercial Grade
   Fresnel Lenses - Cylindrical type, Standard Range, Precision Range
   Fused Silica Convex Lenses (UV Grade) - Uncoated, AR Coated
   Meniscus Lenses - Positive Type, Negative Type, Laser Type
   Planoconvex Lenses - Quality Grade, Uncoated, AR Coated
   Planoconvex Laser lenses - High Index AR Coated
   Plastic lenses
   Rod Lenses

Filters from Knight Optical

    Interference Band-pass Filters - Narrowband Range, Standard Range, Standard IR Range, Broadband Range, Extra-broadband Range
    Colour Filters - Glass Type, Acrylic Type, Polyester Type, Wratten Gelatin
    Dichroic Beamsplitters (45°) - Long-Wave & Band Reflecting Type, Short-Wave Reflecting Type
    Dichroic Filters (O°) - Long-pass Type, Short-pass Type, Band-pass / Band-blocking Type
    Cold Mirrors (45°)
    KG1 Heat Glass Filters
    Hot Mirrors (0°)
    Neutral Density Filters - Gelatin Type, Glass Type, Metallic Type
    UV + IR absorption Filters Glass Type - Short-pass Filters, Long-pass Filters
    UV transmitting Filters - Glass Type
    Visible Transmitting Filters/Some UV-Glass Type

Diffusers  from Knight Optical Ltd

    * Anti-Newton Glass
    * Ground Glass Diffusers - LEGB & UV Fused Silca Grades, Visible & NIR Applications, UV & NIR Applications
    * Flashed Opal Diffuser - Diameters, Squares
    * Plastic Screen Diffuser

<a href="http://www.knightoptical.com/php/showCatPage.php?cat=4" target="_blank">Optical Windows from Knight Optical Ltd</a>

    BK7 Windows Quality Grade - Diameters (Uncoated & BBAR Coated), Squares, Rectangles
    Borosilicate Window - Polished Grade
    Borosilicate - Float Grade
    Quartz Window
    Sapphire Window
    Silicon Window
    UV Fused Silica Windows - Diameters (Uncoated & UV AR Coated), Squares
   White Float Windows - Uncoated, AR Coated, ITO Coated One Side
   Windows - B270 Glass
Optical Flats from Knight Optical Ltd
    Fused Silica Type  - Flat 1 side-Lambda/4, Flat 1 Side-Lambda/10
    Pyrex type - Flat 1 side-Lambda/4, Flat 1 side-Lambda/10
    Zerodur type

< a href="http://www.knightoptical.com/php/showCatPage.php?cat=6" target="_blank">Optical Mirrors from Knight Optical Ltd</a>

    Concave Mirrors - Quality Grade
    Concave Lamp Reflectors
    Elliptical Plane Mirrors
    Plane Mirrors - Precision Grade (Lambda/10), Precision Grade (Lambda/4),  (1 Wave Over 25mm), General-Purpose Grade

Optical  Beamsplitters from Knight Optical Ltd
    * Plate Beamsplitters Precision Grade (Lambda/4) -  Visible 50/50, NIR 50/50
    * Plate Beamsplitters  General-Purpose Grade - Visible 50/50, NIR 50/50, Visible 33/67
    * Plate Beamsplitters - Economy Grade - Visible 40/60
    * Cube Beamsplitters - Visible Grade

Optical Prisms from Knight Optical Ltd
    Beam Dividers and Fresnel Prisms
    Dove Prisms
    Deviation Prisms - Penta
    Dispersing Prisms - Equilateral Type
    Dispersing Prisms - Pellin-Broca Type
    Inverting Prisms - Amici (Roof Prism)
    Inverting Prisms - Porro
    Rhomboid Prisms
    Right-angle Prisms (BK7) - Standard Grade
    Right-angle Prisms (UV Fused Silica) Precision  - Uncoated, Protected Grade
    Wedge Prisms
    Corner Cube Prisms  - Unmounted Corner Cube Prisms, Mounted Corner Cube Prisms
    Right-angle Prisms (BK7)  Precision Grade - Uncoated, BBAR Coated/ Entry + Exit Faces, Aluminium Coated+Protected/ Hypotenuse,                                                                       External Reflector/ Aluminium Coated on Hypotenuse

 Optical Polarisers from Knight Optical Ltd

    Circular Polarisers (HNCP37)  - CAB Lamination, Acrylic Lamination
    Cube Polarisers  - Visible Grade, NIR Grade
    Sheet Polarisers-UV and IR Range
    Crystal Polarisers
    Sheet Polarisers Visible Range  - HN22 Sheet Polariser, HN32 Sheet Polariser, HN38 Sheet Polariser, HN38S Sheet Polariser,
                                                       HN42 Sheet Polariser, HN42HE Sheet Polariser

Optical Retarders  from Knight Optical

    Achromatic Retarders
    Plastic Retarders
    Quartz Retarders  - 1/4 Wave Plate, 1/2 Wave Plate
    Mica Retarders  - 1/4 Wave Plate, 1/2 Wave Plate

Optical Gratings, Graticules & Apertures from Knight Optical

    Apertures  Precision Grade - Precision Pinholes (in 16mm Mount), Precision Slits (Unmounted 10mm Foils)
    Apertures Standard Grade - High Power Pinholes, Standard Series Pinholes, Standard Series Slits
    Diffraction Gratings  - Ruled - Research Range, Holographic Research Range, Commercial Range
    Bar Gratings
    Resolution Charts
    Graticules / Reticules   - Eyepiece Type, Stage Type
    Iris Diaphragms 

    Optical Accessories and Opto Mechanics
      Optical Filter Wooden Storage Boxes
      Opto Mechanics - please call for our capabilities

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Keywords: Scientific Optical Filters

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